“I’ve been in Mexico and wanted to tell you that the Mexican office has well and truly adopted all the learnings from the workshops. All the SMT have the flip charts from the Middle Managers and they are really putting things into practise. Thought you’d want to know.”
– Gina Snachez, OD Manager Latin America, Greenpeace.

Suitable for senior executives, directors, Vice Presidents and CEOs, these programmes use experiential and immersive techniques to enable very powerful peer-to-peer learning that is often a trigger to wider transformation, change and innovation across the organisation.

Leading Leaders

3 days | residential | request info: Leading Leaders

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Suitable for highly experienced and senior leaders with eight years experience in challenging leadership roles and prior experience of immersive learning.

Leading Leaders is a residential programme that challenges you at the cutting edge of your leadership capacity, courage and charisma. There is a timetable but no teaching. You confront the borders, boundaries and blind spots of your leadership and build on your strengths. You contribute to a fast-paced, high-demand, high-performance organisation whose vitality springs purely from the breadth and depth of it’s high-profile leadership talent.

Outcome: Your model of authentic leadership is more inspiring to others. You are better able to appropriately and effectively exercise your leadership to raise organisational performance.

Leading Delivery of Public Policy

3 days | in-house or non-residential | request info: Leading Delivery of Public Policy

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Suitable for senior leaders in government service responsible for implementation of far reaching policy decisions in areas such as education, health, transport, sport and amenities.

Leading Delivery of Public Policy shares the best practice benchmarks and commitment across a leadership community that are critical to raising services or standards at a regional, national or cross-border level. You explore underpinning policy values and identify how on-the-ground realities disable or empower leadership teams at lower levels. You create commitment to delivering optimal outcomes from allocated resources and infrastructure and foster collaborative leadership networks that continuously improve best practice capabilities.

Outcome: Improved on-the-ground implementation of policy decisions to time and budget.

The Mindful Leader

5 days | residential & travel | request info: The Mindful Leader

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Suitable for CEOS and senior directors and Vice Presidents in areas such as logistics, manufacturing, marketing, corporate social responsibility, reputation and risk management, communication, marketing, operations and finance.

The Mindful Leader provides a highly engaging and immersive experience of business impact through the global economy. You make a five to seven day field visit to an emergent economy like South Africa to discover first-hand the impacts of global economy decision making. You are exposed to many different voices and perspectives on wealth creation. This provides a catalyst to challenge yourself, your values and your behaviours at a very deep level. You are mindful of the spiritual dimension to leadership. You network networks and make personal contact with key thinkers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and practitioners engaged in sustainability and wealth creation. You focus on an organisational change project or leadership challenge. You have coaching support before, during and after the field visit. You benefit from peer review. You enhance your own vision and insight guiding investment around innovation, strategic partnerships, international supply chains, new market entry or the sharing of know-how.

Outcome: Enhanced values-based reputation for your organisation and mindful consideration of complex stakeholder needs in strategic decision making, organisational development, risk and investment evaluations.

Senior Leadership Accelerator

2 days | non-residential | request info: Leadership Accelerator

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Appropriate to a senior leadership team as a whole.

Leadership Accelerator focuses on the core value that drive your organisation’s performance. This provides the framework to analyse how you are currently performing as a team. You use a range of simple but highly effective frameworks. You map where you are now. You identify where you need to be. You explore individual leadership styles and how to align these around core values to create a more powerful and effective team capability. You close performance gaps in the team. You raise the quality of your team  collaboration, your individual and collective leadership courage, your capacity for innovation and change. Together you embody the values that inspire and drive the organisation.

Outcome: Enables the senior team to transmit leadership values powerfully through the organisation and to raise leadership performance through higher level collaboration and accountability.

Quantum Leaders Forum

1 day | in-company or non-residential | request info: Quantum Leaders Forum

These are regular, opt-in events designed to draw leaders together either as a follow up to a specific programme or for connection across programmes. You participate in a mindful business leadership community that draws value from each member’s capability and insight for business transformation, innovation and change.

Outcome: Mindful attention to the leadership mindset driving business transformation for sustainable competitive advantage and wealth creation gain.