“The programme enabled me to identify, finally understand and start to resolve a deep-grained behaviour issue with a senior colleague that affected our whole team’s performance – astonishingly simple insight despite all the complexities involved!”
– CEO, Scandinavian Campaigning Organisation

These programmes are suitable for a wide variety of backgrounds from middle managers to senior directors and CEOs, including those who manage processes, projects, expertise, specialist resources, important relationships or strategic change in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.

The Accountable Leader

5 days| residential | request info: The Accountable Leader

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Suitable for directors and senior managers with five years’ accountability for leading staff, specialists, teams, processes or resources.

The Accountable Leader focuses on how you deliver as a leader.  You complete a number of psychometric tools including a 360° feedback survey – with a touchpoint option to repeat this within six to twelve months to review your leadership gain. The programme’s carefully paced and structured developmental processes include attitudinal frameworks, personal coaching, group activities and experience, feedback to and from peers, prioritisation and stress management – and a rigorous focus on how you will practically raise performance from your first day back at work.

Outcome: Understand your impact as a leader and how better to manage yourself to achieve goals, create vision, inspire and motivate others.

Leadership Presence

3 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Leadership Presence

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Suitable for CEOs, senior directors and high impact managers whose communication capabilities are critical to the organisation.

Leadership Presence immerses you in presentations, role-plays, team-based exercises, one-to-one and one-to-many communication situations. You learn how to fully engage your audience. You speak confidently and credibly to large numbers of people and to highly critical decision makers. You understand and use the drivers of complex communications to improve the outcome of negotiations and to influence thinking and decisions.

Outcome: You model appropriate behaviour, cut through the power games people play and are able to steer through emotionally charged and demanding situations.

Leadership Accelerator

2 + 2 + 1 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Leadership Accelerator

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Appropriate to a leadership team as a whole (2 days) and to all the direct reports of that team (2 days) with a final day aligning the leadership acceleration between senior and middle managers.

Leadership Accelerator focuses on the core value that drive your organisation’s performance. This provides the framework to analyse how you are currently performing as a team. You use a range of simple but highly effective frameworks. You map where you are now. You identify where you need to be. You explore individual leadership styles and how to align these around core values to create a more powerful and effective team capability. You close performance gaps in the team. You raise the quality of your team  collaboration, your individual and collective leadership courage, your capacity for innovation and change. Together you embody the values that inspire and drive the organisation.

Outcome: Enables the senior team to transmit leadership values powerfully through the organisation and to raise leadership performance through higher level collaboration and accountability.

Leadership Immersion

5 days | residential | request info: Leadership Immersion

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Suitable for CEOs to middle managers for whom emotional intelligence is a key leadership requirement.

Leadership Immersion challenges and develops the leadership potential of each individual at a deep and personal level. There is a timetable but no teaching. The immersion process creates powerful interactions among a very diverse range of personalities from a wide variety of sectors, nationalities and backgrounds.  The immersion experience interrogates your leadership authority, behaviour and self-awareness. You gain experience and insight entirely through how you engage and participate in the interactions of an organisation that runs throughout the course of the five day immersion. You form and perform in teams in high demand situations and steer through complex organisational issues to achieve high performance. You reflect on your own actions and feelings and those of the wider organisation at every stage of operation. You analyse and review your performance, behaviour and contribution as a leader. You explore your confidence and courage as a leader. You identify your needs for change and how to enact these.

Outcome: Your leadership gain is likely to be evident and capable of creating value for others on your return to the workplace.

Legacy and Leadership

3 days | residential | request info: Legacy and Leadership

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Suitable for directors and executives responsible for strategy, operations and logistics, corporate social responsibility, strategic partnerships, communication and reputation, risk management, finance and audit, marketing and business development.

Legacy and Leadership considers how triple bottom line, carbon neutral operations and sustainability imperatives are impacting on traditional models of business leadership and decision making. You explore how the quest to create wealth without cost to future generations is shaping innovation through new applications of energy, technology, production, processes, partnerships, invention, values and conscience. You define the potential to create “the new” in your organisation as dynamic partnerships between business, government and social entrepreneurs influence and enrich the ways in which successful organisations of the future are emerging now. You benefit from coaching and peer-support as you develop a change action plan.

Outcome: Evaluate how to improve environmental, social and financial performance for the immediate gain and long-term reputation of your organisation.

Raising Leadership in Education

3 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Raising Leadership in Education

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Appropriate for headteachers, principals and their direct reports.

This programme seeks to raise attainment at primary, secondary or tertiary levels of education through focus on core values. You explore aspects of your institution’s culture and how this manifests itself in the learning environment you provide. You use a range of simple but highly effective frameworks to map your current performance and to identify what you need to raise attainment from your current resource base. The processes create a dialogue across the institution and all your stakeholders that leads to purposeful renewal around core values and effective learning behaviours.Your improved leadership focus and receptivity allow best practice to flourish institution-wide. Results are visible in your senior leadership team by the end of the three day process. This leads to ongoing improvement and change.

Outcome: Sustained drive, commitment and capacity to improve attainment across the whole institution.

Step Up To Leadership

4 days | non-residential | request info: Step Up To Leadership

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Suitable for new and existing managers and for experts and specialists promoted  into a wider management role.

Step Up To Leadership equips you to manage others to deliver effective performance. You develop your self-awareness and leadership insight through an engagingly structured sequence of knowledge inputs, psychometric analytics, a business simulation, case studies, discussion groups and self-reflection.  You explore your decision making through the business simulation in a way that reflects the fast-changing and complex conditions of a competitive business sector. You work in a variety of teams and contexts to gain insight in working with people from widely different backgrounds, expectations and perspectives.

Outcome: Understand key management tasks, responsibilities and practices to increase your confidence and capability to develop ideas, lead effective teams and deliver practical results.