Business Boosters are suitable for senior and middle managers from a wide  variety of backgrounds, including those who manage processes, projects, expertise, specialist resources, important relationships or strategic change in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. These programmes focus on key business drivers to help you achieve more from a constrained resource base. To achieve more for less, you and your people have to be able to do things differently, fast.

All our Boosters offer optional check-in touchpoints and a follow up review day within 8-13 weeks.

Business Acumen and Acuity

4 days | in-house /non-residential | Request info: Honing Business Acumen and Acuity

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Suitable for functional specialists, managers and senior directors needing to operate at a higher strategic level.

Business Acumen and Acuity enables a broad strategic business perspective using tools and frameworks for value creation, risk and opportunity management and difficult decision making. You work as a member of a board in a business simulation competing against others in an ever more complex environment. You grow your capability through the simulation and review your performance against best practice. You relate your learning to your own organisation’s business drivers, context and performance, including return on investment, the interaction of short-term cash flow and long-term value, and key drivers for sustained shareholder value. Business practitioners provide insight into the challenges of running a successful business in today’s financial climate.

Outcome: You gain insight and techniques for raising successful decision making and profitability in line with your mission and vision and the strategic imperatives of your specific business sector and stakeholder expectations.

Business Pitching

2 days | in-house / non-residential: request info Business Pitching



Business Pitching immerses you in a range of tools, frameworks and presentation know-how to enable you to immediately raise your success in pitching for business, no matter what sector you are in. You are filmed as you practice pitching throughout the two days. You receive personalised feedback that boosts your confidence and technique. You learn to prepare a pitch that is powerfully client-focused, quickly and effectively. You deliver in a credible, professional and persuasive manner.

Outcome: You reduce preparation time by up to 80%, come across confidently and measurably increase your business pitching success rate.

Creativity and Innovation

3 days | in-house /non-residential | Request info: Creativity and Innovation



Suitable for senior and middle managers responsible for strategy, change, delivering projects or focused on innovation and competitive differentiation.

Creativity and Innovation looks at the 6Ps (Planning, Platform, Pipeline, Process, People, and Performance you need to have in place if creativity and innovation are to become routine across your business.  However, your creativity and innovation flourish as a result of a leadership mindset and not merely because an enabling framework is in place. You explore ways of sharing thinking and ideas that heighten the flow of creativity and work in teams to produce creative solutions to issues and situations under severe time and resource pressure.  You look at key areas for creativity and innovation to deliver systemic sustainable advantage for your organisation, both internally and externally. You exercise your own capacity for creativity and new thinking and reappraise the role this plays in empowering your own leadership capability.

Outcome: You identify the conditions where creativity and innovation flourish in your organisation and where they are blocked and map a solutions process to create change.

Finance For Non-Finance Managers

3 days | in-house /non-residential | Request info: Finance For Non-Finance Managers



Suitable for managers needing to assess financial statements as well as those in non-finance roles who use financial information for decision making.

Finance For Non-Finance Managers focuses on using and interpreting business information. You learn how to use a financial report effectively, to read a financial newspaper informatively and to understand the workings of the city. You look at the demands of legislation and regulation on the current business environment and use case studies to focus on live business issues that matter to you. You use budgets and forecast to improve control in the business along with ratios and comparative indicators to analyse performance.

Outcome: You gain clarity and confidence in dealing with finance specialists and improve your contribution to financial decision making and to the analysis and control of profitable performance.

Leading Negotiations

2 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Leading Negotiations



Suitable for directors to middle managers in or leading teams in any sector where leading successful negotiations is a core skill.

Leading Negotiations immerses you in a range of tools, frameworks and communication know-how to enable you to immediately raise your success at negotiating, no matter the nature or focus of the negotiation. You engage in a carefully structured sequence of role plays, one on one exercises, self analysis and opponent analysis exercises. You review your performance from a short video clip and benefit from personalised feedback. You learn to steer negotiations in the context of difficult personalities, political sensitivities, different knowledge levels, different status levels and cultural differences. You analyse the key components of a complex negotiation. You use appropriate behaviours and know how to prepare for a contentious situation. You play a constructive role with your team members and develop strategy and tactics.

Outcome: You gain the know-how to execute a winning game plan and maintain control of the negotiation and your team. You understand the balance of power and how to steer constructive dialogue and behaviours that lead to a better outcome.

Marketing For Non-marketing Managers

3 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Marketing For Non-marketing Managers



Suitable for managers needing to contribute to sales and marketing strategy as well as those in non-marketing roles who support the organisation’s marketing effort and capability.

Marketing For Non-Marketing Managers delivers an understanding of sales and marketing strategy and planning. You learn how sales and marketing work across different channels and sectors and the tools and techniques that deliver success across different audiences. You look at the demands of legislation and regulation on the current business environment and use case studies to focus on live business issues that matter to you. You understand how technology is driving change in new sales and marketing environments. You look at how successful sales and marketing contributes to successful branding and high-value reputation.

Outcome: You gain clarity and confidence in dealing with marketing specialists, participating in marketing decision making and analysing and controlling profitable sales and marketing performance.

Powerfully Persuasive

2 days | in-house / non-residential | request info: Powerfully Persuasive

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Suitable for directors to middle managers in or leading teams in any sector where communication skills are core to successful performance.

Powerfully Persuasive immerses you in a range of tools, frameworks and communication know-how that raises your ability to persuasively influence thinking and decision making. You engage in a carefully structured sequence of role plays, exercises, and situation analysis. You review your performance from a short video clip and benefit from personalised feedback. You deliver presentations that create impact. You gain ability to answer difficult questions clearly. You focus on how to run meetings and decision making that create change.

Outcome: You create a good impression and impact on others. You come across as appropriately assured. You model behaviours that deliver successful meeting outcomes You listen well and understand others’ needs and how to meet them.

Profiting From A Strategy Mindset

3 days | in-house /non-residential | Request info: Profiting From A Strategy Mindset



Suitable for directors and senior managers who set direction, develop new business or deliver strategic change.

Profiting From A Strategy Mindset immerses you in a range of strategy contexts, frameworks and know-how that enable you to immediately apply heightened strategic thinking in your work. You learn to apply strategy planning in a fast-changing environment to innovate, create and exploit new value in mature or emerging market space. You access cutting-edge strategists to interrogate your own strategy horizons and future-focused assumptions and look at the practical demands of implementing strategy-driven change across the organisation.

Outcome: You gain capability and confidence to engage in defining, refining and implementing strategy to out-think and out-perform the competition.

Project Management Essentials

3 days | in-house /non-residential | Request info: Project Management Essentials



Suitable for directors and senior managers with project accountability and project leaders and project workers responsible for delivering results,

Project Management Essentials looks at the key factors driving project success. You explore where projects come from and the organisational issues that enable and constrain their performance. You look at the project life cycle, roles and responsibilities, team work and the interplay of time, money and resources on achieving project objectives. You use project tools such as budgeting, Gantt charts, critical path, work breakdown structure, stakeholder and risk analyses, scenario planning, key performance indicators, reporting and steering with traffic lights, stop/go decisions and effective meeting time lines. You work as a member of a team focused on a live project rather than a theoretical simulation. You do not receive training in project management software packages.

Outcome: You gain insight into the organisational factors conditioning project success and the importance of effective team work, decision making and resource allocation in delivering required project results.

Tailor-made and Webinar-supported Business Boosters

We work closely with you to design and deliver highly specific Boosters that create knowhow and capability critical to your future.

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