At LQ we use experiential, immersive, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning to catalyse leadership and business transformation, change and innovation. This learning impact is best expressed in what our clients say about us:

“Really useful to apply the tools to real-life work conflict and seek outcomes that will be implemented. The trainer was brilliant – courage, empathy and understanding but still allowing appropriate distance and responsibility.”
– Middle Manager, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

“The tailor-made three day leadership programme is totally in tune with the unique activist environment of Greenpeace and the exceptional demands this makes on leadership at every level of the organisation. The programme is sensitive and appropriate to the different national cultures and languages of Greenpeace staff worldwide. Most importantly, the programme has helped shift attitudes over a matter of days and led to changes in behaviour and workflow in order to improve our use of resources.”
– Irene Brunner, Director, Learning Centre, Greenpeace

“I recommend LQ workshops and programmes to every busy executive aspiring to understand organisational issues, global economy complexity and immersed in becoming a business leader”
– Ashok Malhotra, MD, Mettler-Toledo, India

“The programme enabled me to identify, finally understand and start to resolve a deep-grained behaviour issue with a senior colleague that affected our whole team’s performance – astonishingly simple insight despite all the complexities involved!”
– CEO, Scandinavian Campaigning Organisation

“Our members found the one hour workshop genuinely engaging and thought-provoking. I organised a tailored two hour follow up for my staff which helped improve teamwork and pride in our focus on member service.”
– Laura Deal, CEO American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

“The workshop enabled senior client directors from different units to establish  a very high level of working relationship. This has paved the way for an integrated approach to address common issues. I have not attended a session like this before and am impressed by the innovative LQ learning experience”
– Gurudutt Rao, Director of Talent Transformation, Wipro, Bangalore, India